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Trenbolone Acetate Powder

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Trenbolone Acetate Powder Description

Trenbolone acetate powder is a yellow or dark yellow crystalline powder, with CAS No. 10161-34-9. Trenbolone acetate powder is the main ingredient to make trenbolone acetate injection. Trenbolone acetate powder price on the market is different, of course the price is depends on quantity and quality. Normally, many trenbolone acetate powder supplier claim that their trenbolone acetate powder purity is high, low trenbolone acetate powder price. Well, whenever you met anyone who sells you steroids raw powder with very cheap price and claims the purity 99%. Be careful! You are risk your money with scammers! You gain what you paid for.

Product Name: Trenbolone Acetate, TRAC, Finaplix
CAS No.: 10161-34-9
Molecular Formula: C20H24O
Molecular Weight: 312.41
Assay: 98% min
Quality Standard: USP/BP/ISO9001
Appearance: Yellow to pale yellow crystalline powder
Supply Ability: 200-300kg/month
Storage: Store at 8℃-20℃, protect from moisture and light.

Trenbolone Acetate Powder is usually made into 150 mg/ml oil injections in the UGLs and online pharmacy. Trenbolone acetate is one of the most popular anabolic steroids today, and while many other anabolic steroids have appeared through the years, tren has managed to remain on top with users everywhere.

How to Used Raw Trenbolone Acetate Powder:

Trenbolone Acetate powder is usually used at doses of 35-150 mg/day, and more typically 50-100 mg/day.
Most users find 50-75 mg/day to be an ideal dosage range, giving excellent benefit as part of an anabolic steroid stack.

Trenbolone Acetate powder (CAS 10161-34-9) is usually used at doses of 35-150 mg/day, and more typically 50-100 mg/day. The 35 mg figure generally is appropriate only when having high personal sensitivity to trenbolone-specific side effects. When trenbolone usage is this low and an effective cycle is desired, another injectable anabolic steroid should be added. Masteron is a good choice for this purpose. Another, quite different choice is testosterone.

As for the higher 150 mg/figure, this generally is used for the purpose of increased nervous system stimulation compared to 100 mg/day rather than for further mass or strength improvements, which are already maximized or very nearly maximized at 100 mg/day.

Most users find 50-75 mg/day to be an ideal dosage range, giving excellent benefit as part of an anabolic steroid stack.

These milligram amounts are unusually low for an injectable anabolic steroid. Part of the reason is that trenbolone is remarkably potent (effective per milligram.) Another reason is that because the acetate ester is unusually light, a very high percentage of the weight of the Trenbolone Acetate powder molecule is the active steroid.

How to make trenbolone acetate oil conversions?

To make trenbolone acetate oil conversions, we need the ingredients: tren ace raw powder, benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, carrier oil. The melting point of tren ace powder is about 94.2~96.1 °C, so we can use water bath if you don’t have any other devices to heat, with the temperature being controlled, the color of tren ace oil will be what we expected. The time for brewing should be around 15 minutes. It will affect the color if too long.

Trenbolone acetate powder can be made @ 75 mg/ml, @ 100 mg/ml and @ 150 mg/ml here.

How to store trenbolone acetate powder if I have to?

Well, this is a great question. For many lab owners, if the powder can be used up after they are received at once, the storage of tren ace powder should be taken into account. It is highly recommended to use the vacuum bags and then seal the bag well, and keep away from sun light in cool dry place, room temperature. The shelf life of tren ace powders should be at least 2 years. But I guess that almost all of the powders are used up before it comes to the shelf life.

There are 2 versions of tren ace powders.

We are offering both the light color and dark color tren ace powder. Some customers are fascinated with the dark color tren ace, while the fact is that the light color tren ace is produced with more advanced industrial decolor and refine technic, so the purity of light tren ace is actually slightly higher than the dark version, about 0.8% to 0.9%.

Trenbolone Acetate injectable Conversion Recipes

Common 100mg/mL Recipe for 100mL
10 gram Trenbolone Acetate powder (7.5mL)
2mL BA (2%)
20mL BB (20%)
70.5mL Oil

Will also hold in:
10 gram Trenbolone Acetate powder (7.5mL)
2mL BA (2%)
15mL BB (15%)
75.5mL Oil

All depends on how thin you won’t your oil to be. Tren holds well with a low co-solvent (BB) concentration.

Common 100mg/mL Recipe for 100mL NO BB

10 gram Trenbolone Acetate powder (7.5mL)
5mL BA (5%)
87.5mL Oil

200mg/mL Recipe for 100mL EO, No Oil.

20 gram Trenbolone Acetate powder (15mL)
2mL BA (2%)
25mL BB (25%)
58mL EO

1000ml (Most large dissolve powder)
Trenbolone Acetate Powder: 391.5 gram
Bensyl Alcohol: 78.6 ml
Bensyl Bensoate: 626.4 ml

80mg/ml @ 250ml
20 gram Trenbolone Acetate powder (15mL)
5mL BA (2%)
50mL BB (20%)
180mL Oil

Trenbolone Acetate Powder HNMR

COA of OneRAW Trenbolone Acetate Powder

Product Name Trenbolone Acetate Quantity 1KG
Batch №. 180610 Report №.  
Date Of Manufacture 2018.06.10 Date Of Analysis 2018.06.11
Description          Yellow Crystalline Powder
Ref. Standard          USP28 Standard
Results Of Analysis Tests
Tests Analysis Standard Results
Identification Conform Conform
Absorbance ≤0.30% Conform
Specific Rotation +39°~ +43°  +39.5°
Chromatography Purity Conform Conform
17α-Isomer ≤0.50% 0.40%
Organic Volatile Impurities Conform Conform
Loss On Drying ≤0.50% 0.32%
Residue On Ignition ≤0.10% 0.01%


Conclusion Be Conform With USP28 Standard

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