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58 responses to “Reviews”

  1. Anina says:

    Ya I’m not switching lol I’m very happy with the quality of the raw, thank you sara!

  2. Ryan Hardman says:

    Just received the parcel,thanks Michal..
    I been order many times from oneraw, its powders really have the best quality/price, in the market, shippment and package is professional, highly recommend.

  3. Mario Kuehn says:

    I have ordered GH a few times from Michal she was very helpful and one package was seized by Canada customs she immediately resent the order free of charge the product is always great and the service is second to none. Thanks Oneraw

  4. Jason says:

    Here is the real NuMei Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd. There is another site which is .com that is fake, they stole 700 canadian from me. They said they had raws in Canada. I’m in so much trouble because of them.
    I contacted Sara confirmed that they copied this site.

  5. Raymond says:

    Great product and highest quality!
    Ive placed several orders with Michal, Every order came on time with tracking number and is of the highest quality! I will be using for as long as i can!! Thanks for all the help and god bless.

  6. Brice says:

    Most reputable company out there placing a big order next week. Very very happy with the quality of raw powder. Fedex don’t have good reviews but I don’t know why because I have never ever had a problem.
    I’m looking forward to trying new products and I will also be reviewing those my self on here. I could give one 100% reliable and customer service is the best I’ve ever dealt with.
    Thank you very much Sara and I’m sorry for any inconvenience with me being impatient I can’t thank you enough.

  7. Tony says:

    If your looking for high purity product this is were its at rachel was awesome very helpfull through the whole process thanks for the awesome and fast shipping customer for life thanks Oneraw Sara!

  8. Justin Ponte says:

    I normally don’t write reviews but after doing a lot of research I chose Oneraw to buy my products. I received them in a timely manner and the quality is great and Michal was great to work with,so if your on the fence about ordering from oneraw don’t be. You will receive your order and the quality is great. This site is NOT a scam.

  9. Tyler Dvorak says:

    The domestic delivery service of this website is the best. I am in Canada and can receive the goods in 2-3 days. Their Test E, Test C, Cialis are of perfect quality.

  10. Scott Wildman says:

    Compro aqui há mais de 3 3anos, os produtos sempre chegaram no prazo certo, são de excelente qualidade, estou 100% satisfeito. Agradeço a Dóris

  11. Markus Hirner says:

    Dispute having so many complications with traveling and making payments through two different methods and having to go back and forth with ensuring money was received, these guys assured that they were responsible the whole time. They came up with ultimate solutions for a smooth transactions, and although it took a few days to get things rolling, everything came out smoothly. Great service. Great product. This is definitely a service you can trust, even if out of town in another country!!

  12. stefan kreiss says:

    I have been using Sara and Michal for many years after my old supplier couldn’t deliver and it been a great service. Quick shipping and service, top notch quality, and always willing to go the extra mile, they couldn’t be better.

  13. Lena Snell says:

    I did receive my order . Thank you.
    I will buy 1 kilo testosterone cypionate

  14. Chad Tandy says:

    I just received my package in the New Year and it is still as good as last year. I will do more business with you. Thank you, Sara!

  15. Bruce Banner says:

    Fastest shipment from overseas to ever arrive… 3 days after shipping. Now to test product to see how real it is… If it’s the real deal all my other suppliers are done cut off. I will be staying with One Raw from here on out.
    Will update after test..

  16. mark says:

    Fast shipping

  17. Joshua says:

    Sara is a passionate salesman. My tracking number has not been updated, but actually I have received the package. Sara has sent me many emails to confirm whether I have received the package. I’m sure she’ll solve everything for me if I haven’t got it. This is a reliable supplier.

  18. Chris says:

    I was highly impressed with my order and customer service.. I talked with Michel and he was very very helpful and on point.. delivery was right on point too
    I also will only do business with these guys as long as it keeps going so smoothly and easy. Thanks so much.

  19. Dez says:

    Product arrived. I’m a happy boy, good customer service and rapid response. Would use again. Only downside is the delivery times, but then China to U.K is quite a trip. The courier (not this company) has terrible reviews but I had no problems.

  20. Brett says:

    best provider!

  21. Billy Archery says:

    Everything is all good, thank you Sara! I would like to order again,I told you as long as businesses is good you can make a lot of money with me just keep it flowing as fast as possible.

  22. Alex Red says:

    Have been ordering from them for a few years now and have never gotten a bad product!! great results and I even get blood work done yearly and my test levels are always through the roof with just one shot a week from gear made from there powder. Sara is always on point with the orders and really follows up with his customers!!! Thanks again for another flawless transaction !!

  23. Matheus says:

    After my first order got seized by customs i payed for re shipping and got my order already thank you guys

  24. Matheus alexandrino says:

    Apparently my order was seized by customs in china so jony asked me to pay for a re ship i hope its everything okay i will post again after i get my order

  25. Jason says:

    I tested deca and sustanon powders and they are good. I was dealing with Michal and had excellent service with excellent product. I recommend and will buy again. Thank you.

  26. Matheus says:

    Just made my order

  27. Matheus says:

    I just made an order with jony im waiting for the payment to be confirmed when i recieve the package i will write another review

  28. Marilee says:

    I just want to say to anyone looking to purchase high quality raw steroid powders or HGH, peptides etc to contact Sara at here! She has a great knowledge in this field and was very helpful in recommending which products where best for the purpose and results I was looking for! She actually saved me money by suggesting particular products that would give me the results I was after instead of just trying to sell me as much as she could that I have found that other companies do! I ended up purchasing some HGH and I was very happy with the price and quality of the HGH! I was also very impressed on how quickly I received my order which was only about 6 days all together or 4 working days! The package came straight to my door and was very well packaged neatly and descreatly! I am so happy with the price, quality and speed of receiving my order that I am already going to place another order with Sara friend and i will not hesitate to recommend Sare to anyone I know looking for top quality products and service!

  29. Jamie says:

    I write this comment may be helpful to you, at least it is a legitimate website, can be assured to buy.

  30. Brett Halsey says:

    I purchased product and tested it. The product is as stated. Fast delivery without any problems. I highly recommend this company for your needs. Thank you for rapid turnaround. Thank you Sara for all of your assistance

  31. Corey Madden says:

    Sara was amazing doing business with. The response time on emails was always very quick. Once Sara even got back to me while hiking and said he was out with friends and would message me ASAP once back as he did so. Also shipping only took six business days which is very fast. OneRaw has earned all my future business thanks to my new friend Sara who was great to work with. Thanks OneRaw!

  32. Tyler Anson says:


  33. Jebidia says:

    Has there been any issues getting things through Australian customs ?

  34. John says:

    Is this real ?

  35. Ali says:

    Hi Sara
    package has arrived many thanks for your top steroids, wish you a happy
    new year.

  36. walter says:

    I just wanted to say thank you Sara for all your help in ordering products. Sara was very fast to respond to any of my questions and very helpful. Shipping was reliable and fast.In the future I will order again with Sara @ NuMei company for my raws and SARMS.

  37. Paul Heikkila says:

    Have order from many different sites online sometimes never knowing what you were receiving or if it was coming at all. NuMei Company is by far top shelf. Sara responsible promptly to answer all questions and concerns. Products arrive quickly after order. Will definitely continue to go with Sara @ NuMei company for all my raw powders. Sara thanks for all you help A+++

  38. Romagle Tita says:

    Hi guys. I just want to describe my experience with NuMei Company. I was looking for a reliable supplier for a very long time. When I came across the website, I was not sure if this company is legit or not, but now I sure that this is the company I was looking for. Sara’s professional approach and great service all the time, is the reason why I will buy only from you. My first order was a small bag of Oxandrolone powder. It was delivered within 10 days. What a great service! Sending my regards to Sara 😉

  39. Sam Ryan says:

    Skeptical of these guys at first, mostly because there is so many bad HGH & Steroid suppliers out there.

    I CAN SAY HOWEVER ONERAW IS THE PLACE TO GO. Great Service start to finish, and High Quality products ontop of that. Use Them for your Peptide, Steroid, and HGH needs. You won’t be dissapointed.

  40. zrand says:

    thanks Sara, your raw materials steroids is very good, I will back soon.

  41. Jon says:

    A very good supplier, worthy of trust, I will come again.

  42. David says:

    I originally had my doubts, but so far I’ve had 100% successes with on time delivery. Sara was the best, guided me through the whole process.

  43. Bob says:

    Being inside the US where legit product is hard to come by that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. OneRaw has been like a saving grace. I can’t thank Sara enough for all the help in deciding on what the best GH product to run would be. Really shipping from USA, it’s safe not to be bothered by customs.

  44. Andrew Aguirre says:

    Hello I wlways try to find a discreet service and with decent a friendly salesman helps smooth it all over. Numei as well as Sara not only was the first to give me no signature delivery but better prices.. As well as good products I tested my testosterone after being on a about a month and it was at 1300 I was on about 200mg. A week that’s about rite. Thanks Sara gave this review because it was deserved.

  45. George says:

    I does comparison between your raw powder and the simulated graph obtained from single Crystal x rau diffraction, it very very purity.

  46. Alex says:

    This is only place I do business and there products are best on market and high purity thanks so much for all u do!

  47. Robert Silver says:

    Very nice shop and customer service replies quite fast, I like the quality. thanks

  48. Lucas Moore says:

    I tested winstrol and anavar powders with equipoise and they are good. I was dealing with Mike and had excellent service with excellent product. I recommend and will buy again. Thank you.

  49. Buddha says:

    great!yes No.1 raw steroids supplier.

  50. Turza says:

    I have done a blood test analysis to check your product, I am surprised by the result:it is really good.I can show you my blood work to give to the next clients, proove them your products are good.

  51. Shayne says:

    hgh was my first order the communication with Sara was great and always get a quick reply with all the information you need. The HGH shipping from USA, I will definitely be ordering again and would recommend to anyone who is in need of the products they sell.

  52. Enzo says:

    Hi guys. I just want to describe my experience with Oneraw Company. I was looking for a reliable supplier for a very long time. When I came across the website, I was not sure if this company is legit or not, but now I sure that this is the company I was looking for. Sara professional approach and great service all the time, is the reason why I will buy only from you. My first order was a small bag of trenbolone enanthate powder. It was delivered within 3 days. What a great service! Sending my regards to Sarah 😉

  53. Lee Violet says:

    Good products, correct service, good delivery, good working with Sara as contactperson!

  54. Caddy says:

    Oneraw is the real deal. Top notch service, products, and pricing. This is the Walt Disney of steroid retail. Oneraw will go above and beond to make sure your experionce is like no other. Thank you.

  55. Marty says:

    in the last order, there was also 5g halotestin that didn’t deliver, do u remember? i will place a larger order and let them send it together, ok? i have told u in the email.

  56. Jeremy says:

    Your package is really fast these days. I have to say it here. and your Testosterone Propionate is great quality. i hope you can keep it, thank you!

  57. Ian McGreggor says:

    I received the package last week. Your Test E is great quality. I will prepare the next order. Can you give me a better price if I make the next big order? thank you

  58. Wayne Foster says:

    My partner told me that it is too late to know you. I have been in the steroid business for 6 years. Your product quality is the best, and the delivery speed is very satisfying. Thank you oneraw.

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