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AICAR Powder

AICAR Powder
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AICAR (powder) Details:
CAS ID: 2627-69-2
Synonyms: Acadesine; Aminoimidazole carboxamide ribonucleotide; AICA ribonucleotide;
ZMP; 5-Amino-1-β-D-ribofuranosyl-imidazole-4-carboxamide.
Molecular Formula: C9H15N4O8P
Molecular Weight: 338.211162
Appearance: White Powder
Purity: 99.21%
Melting point: 213-214 °C
Storage: Before reconstitution (lyophilized / freeze dried powder):
Can be stored in the refrigerator (2°C to 8°C = 35°F to 47°F) for 36 months.
Can be stored at room Temperature (up to 37°C = 99°F) for 90 days.
After reconstitution (liquid):
Can be stored in the refrigerator (2°C to 8°C = 35°F to 47°F) for 5 days.
Transportion time at room temperature has not effect on product quality degradation.
Solubility: Soluble in DMSO (15 mg/ml); or water (15 mg/ml).

AICAR powder (5-aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide-1-β-D-ribofuranoside, 5-aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide ribonucleoside, acadesine) is each of several interesting things. First, it’s an important pharmacological research agent, used principally as an AMPK activator. It’s a compound which has shown extremely impressive fat-loss and endurance-enhancing effects in laboratory animals. Further, it has considerable mystique resulting from at least some use by elite European cyclists. And lastly, it’s readily available from research chemical sites and is being personally tried by many, though generally as part of stacks and combined with changes in training and/or diet.

Pause, however, may be given when considering that treatment programs for cyclists reportedly have cost in the tens to hundreds of thousands of Euros, that all reported studies in the scientific literature have used dosing which indeed would be extraordinarily costly when scaled up for human dosing, and that the experience base of bodybuilding usage at far lower doses is equivocal at best.

Mechanism of Action

AICAR’s principal mechanism of action is activation of AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase.) As is well known, ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is produced by mitochondria as a ready-to-use energy source for biochemical processes in the cell. These processes do not use glucose, fats, or fatty acids directly as energy sources: these must first be metabolized in the mitochondria to yield ATP. When ATP is used for energy, its first product is ADP (adenosine di-phosphate), and then – if the cell is really deprived of immediate sources of energy – finally to AMP (adenosine monophosphate.)

AMP only accumulates as a cell becomes energy-deprived. Accordingly, there’s a system where the cell detects any low energy state from the concentration of AMP that’s present, and activates AMPK in response.

AMPK in turn ramps up conversion of fuel sources, including fatty acids, into ATP, as well as stimulating quite a number of other systems in the cell.

Activating AMPK, therefore, causes the same cellular machinery (so to speak) to be turned on as if the cell were energy deprived, for example from intensive exercise, or from low caloric intake.

AICAR powder, at sufficient and quite substantial concentration, is effective at activating AMPK and inducing a cellular state as if exercise had been performed, or energy stores were low and fat therefore needed to be burned.


In general, I consider AICAR powder unsuitable for bodybuilding and general athletic purposes, but it can be suitable for endurance sports when a great deal is at stake. I know of no concrete reason to expect any benefit from AICAR doses at extreme low levels, relative to proven levels, such as 10-50 mg/day, and expect low dose use to be both expensive and unrewarding. In the context of a stack, however, particularly where diet and exercise are changed at the same time, a given user might attribute benefit to the AICAR part of the stack. For this reason, I expect positive claims for low dose use to continue to accumulate.

If wishing to evaluate AICAR powder for yourself, I’d strongly recommend keeping all other factors essentially the same, either the same as presently or as you have done before.

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